You want to have the best insurance coverage for your physical assets

Whether you are a business owner, a successful professional or retired, you like to know you have the right asset protection, a professional level of service and the right advice from a partner who understands your assets and lifestyle.

Our clients tend to have similar characteristics, which can include:

  • Owning desirable properties in blue chip areas
  • Having homes fitted and furnished with high quality items
  • Possessing higher value belongings across a broad range of categories
  • Driving prestigious cars
  • Owning more than one property
  • Being sophisticated and discerning buyers.

Whilst our clients’ individual circumstances differ, they do have one common demand: they want a provider who can create and manage their affairs efficiently, without fuss and with a can-do mentality.

If you are not receiving this level of service and would like to find out more about our cover and services, please contact our office. Phone: (02) 8458 0214 or email: