We help you make the right decisions with your insurance portfolio

We provide a dedicated broker to assist each client design an insurance portfolio to meet his or her individual requirements.

We provide a confidential and professional service allowing each client to understand how their physical assets should be protected. No two contracts should be the same. The service is bespoke to each client.

We provide a service to guide you through the complicated process of ensuring your valuable assets have the correct level of insurance cover.

We aim to make the purchase of insurance cost-effective, including leveraging relationships with an insurer who may be connected with other assets in your insurance portfolio.

We provide the piece of mind that comes from knowing the insurance is right for you rather than accepting the lottery of an internet product that will not be bespoke for your requirements.

We access specialist international insurers with teams experienced in looking after successful people. These underwriters can only be accessed via an Australian Financial Services licensed broker.

If you are not receiving this level of service and would like to find out more about our cover and services, please contact our office. Phone: (02) 8458 0214 or email: contact@domusprivateclients.com.