Specialist insurance for your prized assets makes sense

Car insurance is often the most variable insurance expense pending the individual claims experience and/or the overall performance of your insurer's portfolio.

Price is always an important consideration; however, knowing the right level of cover and best available claims support should also be fundamental in the decision-making process.

We work with specialist insurers available via AFS-licensed brokers to design the optimum program for your prized vehicles. Their cover includes the following features:

  • Agreed or market value
  • New car replacement options for vehicles up to 24 months old
  • Cover up to 75% of finance gap if vehicle declared a total loss
  • Hire car provisions
  • Rental vehicle cover
  • Ability to choose your own repairer
  • Ensuring all drivers are insured
  • Deductible options
  • No excess for windscreen damage
  • If first three years are claim free, a lifelong No Claims Bonus (NCB) is granted, if the driver stays with the same insurer.

If you are not receiving this level of service and would like to find out more about our cover and services, please contact our office. Phone: (02) 8458 0214 or email: contact@domusprivateclients.com.