More than 75% of homes and contents are insured incorrectly

Why risk incorrectly insuring your more valuable assets properly because of an understated sum insured? Many of our clients are surprised when valuations are conducted to see the movement in value over three or more years. Many polices will enforce an under-insurance clause if there is a difference between the declared values and actual cost to replace. If there is a partial loss this may not be significant; however, on a larger claim it may become a substantial financial uninsured loss for you to absorb.

At Domus Private Clients we will work with you to ensure all your assets are insured correctly, including your more valued items, which may require specialist valuations.

It's essential to agree up-front how much will be paid in the event of a loss, who will carry out the repairs in the event of damage and whether you can cash out the repairs with or with out deductions. Domus Private Clients will work with you and your insurer to determine this.

This will eliminate surprises or disappointment post-loss when you may already be dealing with the trauma of original loss or damage.

Some examples of where the cover is broader than standard insurance offerings:

  • Worldwide coverage, for example loss of jewellery whilst travelling overseas.
  • Cash settlement at the client's option.
  • Replacement cost – no depreciation.
  • $10,000 data replacement coverage.
  • Worldwide personal liability – the policy provides global personal liability cover.

If you are not receiving this level of service and would like to find out more about our cover and services, please contact our office. Phone: (02) 8458 0214 or email: